Cerchio Ghisallo at Cosmo Bike Show – Verona September 11th/14th 2015

Cerchio Ghisallo will be represented at AlaRacing stand during Cosmo Bike Show which will be held in Verona from September 11th 2015 till September 14th 2015.

AlaRacing Spoleto – Phone: 0743 29.97.92 –info@alaracing.it

Cosmo Bike Show: www.cosmobikeshow.com

Remembering a 2014 Summer Visit

We are happy to pubblish a short introduction to our Friend Steve Thomas blog article remembering his vist made last year summer.

Steve, thanks again for your great support.

Steve Thomas Blog: http://www.thesoftsaddle.com/



468 kg Breaking Limit for Ghisallo handlebar technology

We are proud to present lab test results, obatined by Scatto Italiano Team, proving Ghisallo handlebars endurance under stress.

468 kg breaking limit demonstrates again best product quality, materials and technology quality.

Another reason to  avoid renouncing to Cerchio Ghisallo and Scatto Italiano handlebars elegance.

A “Kingma” Peugeot with Ghisallo wooden rims from the Netherlands

We are happy to present a Peugeot mounting Ghisallo wooden rims Sport model with Ultimate optional restored by Mr. Peter Kingma, the Netherlands.

Some data:
Frame is a 64 cm Peugeot produced in last century 70es.
Other components mounted on the bicycle: Velo Orange, BLB,Sturmey Archer, Brooks.