Cerchi Ghisallo MTB rims, Straight handlebar with mahogany layers and a special bicycle in Belgium

We are happy to publish  photographs of bicycle made by our belgian customer Geert Sonck, bicycle is foldable, with rear disc brakes and  mounting cerchio Ghisallo MTB model rims with Ultimate optional in Red Passion colour and Straight model handlebar with mahogany layers in Red Passion colour too.


Vintage Brass Nipples – NEW PRODUCT

We are happy to present our new product, Vintage Brass Nipples suitable to your vintage bicycle or special project.

Product is immediately available as a single product or as an optional choice for all our rims models available at Cerchio Ghisallo Eshop.

(Our thanks to Maurizio Cavalleri, Pedale Vintage, for gentle permissions on his bicycle,mounting Cerchio Ghisallo wheels, photos)






Cerchio Ghisallo Torino handlebar grips on a Brompton from California, U.S.A.

We are happy to publish photos sent by our customer Enrique Zavala, California, U.S.A., showing his Brompton bicycle mounting Cerchio Ghisallo handlebar grips Torino model.

Mickey Mouse approves !


Cerchio Ghisallo rims and handlebar in Belgium

We are pleased to show bicycle assembled by our customer Geert Sonck, Belgium.

Bicycle has been entirely designed by Geert and mounts a 2 speed coaster barke rear hub and Kojaj tyres.

Rims are Cerchio Ghisallo clinchers Sport model and handlebar is an Ultrasteel SemiStraight model with internal steel rod

New Products – Terry model handlebars also suitable to brakes levers and grips mounting

We are happy to show our new products, first is a Terry model Straight handlebar, second one is always Terry model Straight handlebar but with edges segments with 22 mm diameter to allow brakes levers and/or grips mounting.

Straight model description in our eshop

Straight model with 22 mm diameter segments description in our eshop