Impossible becomes Possible – Cerchio Ghisallo – Chemnitz University, Germany

We are proud to present results of collaboration taking shape with Chemnitz University in particular with Ing. Ingo Berbig, Stephanie Mager, Dirk Fischer and Daniela Storch Team belonging to  Technische Universität Chemnitz Institut für Fördertechnik und Kunststoffe (ifk)..

Since we have received first proposal we believed in it and participated as a team with German friends.

German group innovation is made by the application of tension/compression tecnique, which is usually applied to structures like bridges, to a bicycle wheel not using metal or carbon fiber spokes but special tissue strings obtained after several experiments and mounted on special hubs these ones custom made by same work group too.

Cerchio Ghisallo has participated with a customized pair of tubular wooden rims to test the structure that results perfectly as you may see .

Now we will move to a new collaboration phase looking forward the introduction in the market of this new technology applied to wooden wheels too.

We care to stress the fact that it is a great satisfaction seeing our efforts and the efforts made by German team taking shape which is a demonstration that working with passion, will and inspiration it is possible to obtain great results.

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