New Reseller: Velosport, Putney, United Kingdom

We welcome a new reseller:  Velosport shop, Putney, United Kingdom:

252 Upper Richmond Road
Putney, London
SW15 6TQ

Phome: 208.780.1978

New Reseller: Gonzo’s Bikes Performance, Japan

We welcome Akio AJ Kitagawa owner of Gonzo’s Bikes Performance Giappone show as new Cerchio Ghisallo reseller.

Akio AJ Kitagawa
Gonzo’s Performance Bikes
1430-4-202 Uenohara
Numazu-city Shizuoka 4100822

Telephone: +81-55-919-0870

Cerchio Ghisallo: Pedersen frame assembled with Ghisallo rims, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

We publish photos of our friend  Andrè Helwig, the Netherlands, design made starting from an original Pedersen frame.

Also in this case Cerchio ghisallo fits perfectly in Pedersen design concept.