Cerchio Ghisallo: A very Special project from Germany, by Ralf Meiser

Let Ralf  himself present his bicycle:
“Hello, today I’d want to show you my bicycle with new wooden rims.
The starting point for this handcrafted bicycle is a sporting frame made with dampened steel tubes. High quality powder coating is contained in a classic ivory.
Wheels get special vintage look thanks to italian woodenr ims.
Drum brakes slow down in safety this bicycle in emergency situations. Well done transmission with full chain ensures high speed without straining legs.
If ever there could be an hole then the vintage fork with spring is going to soften it well.
Adherence is ensured by tubular tires 28 mm wide.
For an unique look,  there are handlebars with external levers. This is assured by an elegant stem attack.
Pedals slots recall sporting cycling.
Greetings from Germany
Ralf Meiser