Blue Cerchio Ghisallo rims for Mr. Sonck new creation – Belgium

Really an eclectic and out of schemes design ideated by Sig. Geert Sonck, Belgio, for this bicycle mounting Cerchio Ghisallo Sport model rims with Ultimate optional in special blue colour and straight Terry model handlebar with aluminium layer.

Yet another time wooden rims demonstrate to be able to adapt perfectly to modern and great inventive situations



Cerchio Ghisallo laced on Speciale Wooden Bikes wheels

We are glad to present wooden frame bicycles made by  Mr. Gianni Speciale, Speciale Wooden Bikes,  that has chosen Cerchio Ghisallo clincher rims  with Ultimate optional for his wheelsets mounted on different bicycles models among that are the ones shown in this article Milano Sport, Milano Vintage e Roma Vintage.

Speciale Wooden Bikes website and eshop are visible here







Ghisallo Medallion at Leadville 100 Colorado U.S.A.

We are honoured to have received this email from Mrs. Mary Radcliff, U.S.A., who last August gave as a present to his friend Kollin a bicycle medallion to protect him during 100 miles long Colorado Leadville 100 race:

“Kollin, please put this on your bike to protect you during your Leadville 100 race. Let it be a symbol of courage, strength and safety for you throughout the race and know that I am thinking about you”

More informations about Colorado Leadville 100 at its website

Hoopy, A portable bike from Cote d’Azur with Ghisallo Wheels

We are happy to present HOOPY project, by our friend Benjiamin,, France, where we have supplied 20” wheels laced with Cerchio Ghisallo Ballon model profile, Ultimate carbon fiber ring optional, front Brompton foldable bike hub,and rear SRam Automatix 2 sped internal gear hub with back pedal brake.

Following this first project  step collaboration has gone further with an additional possible wheels hubs configuration always with same rims but front Ridea 100 m hub and rear Velosteel back pedal brake hub.

Hoopy DIY work plans can be purchased at

Cerchio Ghisallo offers same wheels with both two hubs configurations at:


From France to Italy with Cerchio Ghisallo: Mr. Joblot, France, travel with Ghisallo wheels

We present review by Mr. Joblot, France, that has travelled for hundreds of kilometers with Ghisallo wooden rims wheels. Hundreds of khilometers to be added to what ridden before after one year and an half of wheels usage…

Best review for our products…one among a lot that confirms validity of an unique product.

“Petit souvenir de cet été

Encore 500 km entre la Saone et Loire (France) et Suza avec les jantes en bois bien sûr…Ensuite quelques promenades dans le Piémont (+ 2000 km par ici)

Très bonne tenue des roues !”

“A little souvenir from this pas Summer

Yet another 500 km across Saone et Loire Department with wooden rims of course…Then a few pedal strokes through Piedmont (+ of 2000 Km ridden in total since now)

A great performance of these whels !”


Cerchio Ghisallo: An elegant Lady with Ghisallo rims from Ontario, Canada

1960’s Worthy track bicycle Stefan Mortveit

Text extracted fom

“This 1960’s Worthy Path/ Track Bicycle is a testament to the quality of hand craftsmanship. Complete with custom Cerchio Ghisallo Beech wood rims and handlebar handmade in Magreglio Italy, along with pinstripe painting to accentuate the frames beautiful lug design. The frame, originating in England, has been retrofitted to an extremely high standard showcasing the elegant, nickel plated and stainless steel components from White Industries and Phil Wood. On top of it all, the Brooks Limited Edition Union Jack Swallow saddle is one of mere 500 pieces made in 2012 – truly a one of a kind bicycle. Please check out the photos below for a detailed look at the design, features, and components.”

Stefan has chosen Ghisallo Sprinter model rims, with Ultimate optional, and new vintage brass nipples.


A 1930 racing bicycle from Australia with Cerchio Ghisallo rims

We are happy to publish photo sent by Mr. Chris Harvey, Thirooul, Australia,  showing his father’s racing bicycle and manufactured in 1930

Bicycle mounts wheels laced with Elegant clincher rims with Ultimate optional.





Full carbon frame bicycle with Cerchio Ghisallo – Geert Sonck, Belgio

We publish photos sent by Mr. Geert Sonck, Belgium, of the bicycle with full carbon frame mounting  Sport model rims  with Ultimate optional and Ghisallo semistraight handlebar , MonteGrappa saddle, 2 speed coaster rear, half link chain.




Il Vento fra le Ruote - Patagonia cycling tour with Cerchio Ghisallo wooden wheelset

“Il Vento fra le Ruote”, Patagonia cycling tour, with Cerchio Ghisallo wheelset

We are glad to signal “Il Vento fra le Ruote” viaggio ciclistico in Patagonia where one bicycle is equipped with Cerchio Ghisallo wheelset, we invite you to sustain linked benefit project.



Il Vento fra le Ruote - Tour ciclistico in Patagonia con ruote in legno Cerchio Ghisallo