Ghisallo products road tests by our collaborators

Cerchio Ghisallo at Gran Corsa 2018, with Jean Charles Schmitt, France

We are happy to publish photos shot at “Gran Corsa 2018”, vintage race renactement of the historical Milano-Sanremo, and sent by our friend Jean Charles Schmitt, Francia.

Cerchio Ghisallo was present at “participants wheels”.

“Faites du Sport… même en hiver J

336km par vent, sous (voir carrément dans) la pluie, dans la boue des routes blanches et des éclaircies de soleil, avec un peloton de 85 amis passionnés… la machine de course est rodée !

Quelques images. Mauvais et Bon dopage.

Bonne semaine.


Ghisallo Cork Pads road test

We publish new Ghisallo cork brake pads review by Mr. Roberto Lanfranchi who has tested them on “La Mitica” vintage race white roads.

“La Mitica has been my first ride with Cerchio Ghisallo rims and crok brake pads, before this occasion I haven’t ridden them, but I trusted reknown Ghisallo materials quality, immediately riding
a very long slope with inclines till 11%, after only 4/5 km I already got confidence.
Obviously braking action isn’t the same as with iron rims and plastic pads, with wooden rims and cork brake pads braking is softer, anyway trustworthy, rims on white roads have surprised me a lot, any roughness on the ground was absorbed.”

Mr. Lanfrachi rode a marvellous 1930 Cycles Sagitaire


Wooden MTB rims – Germany open country terrain test

We are glad to publish following review by our friend Edgar Jakobs about our MTB model clincher rims without Ultimate carbon fiber ring optional.
Rims have endured a test around 1000 km long, an additional proof of the fantastic performance of this product above all considering that it has been used on open country roads.

(Original article is available at following link::

Sunday, February 1st 2015

Two years ago I have fitted my MTB, what I use mainly for winter training, with wooden MTB-Rims from GHISALLO WOODEN RIMS.

The rims have no carbon reinforcements ULTIMATE OPTIONAL of the rim bed and are painted black. It is the darkest colour where the woodgrain is still visible. The wooden rims fit well with the rigid KINESIS fork and the black painted Stainless-Steel-Frame.

The tires Cross-King Continental are 55mm wide. I use a tire pressure of 3bar what is ideal also for riding on sandy ground. GHISALLO allowes a maximum of 4.5 bar tire pressure.

A few words to the lacing of the spokes. Because the braking forces of the Disk-Brakes must be transmitted through the spokes from the hub to the tire, on the left side (in riding direction) the outer spokes run to the front.
On the right side the outer spokes run to the back, so the driving force is well transmitted. Generally, the inner spokes can not transmit forces as good as outer spokes.

Front and rear wheel have the same lacing. Spoke lengths for the current SHIMANO DEORE XT hubs in the 32-hole version with 3X-Crossing are 262 mm (front and rear left) / 260 mm (rear right).

The diameter of the MTB rims is stored in the Spokelength-Calculation Tool.

The landscape of the Nature Park Wildeshauser Geest is characterized by forests, rivers and moorland. This MTB is ideal for tours in this flat terrain.

With cross-country skiing in winter, you can move in the Warwer sand. Anyway, the kids have their fun.

At the end of last year, we had violent storms in northern Germany, partially in hurricane strength. The bended trees, known as “Storm Trees” are felled by timber industry, then cut into pieces and further processed. The work isn’t over even now in February.

After the bike ride, a cleaning of the bike is absolutely necessary. The most important element is warm soapy water, a soft sponge and a brush for the pinion and gear rings. After cleaning, the bike (except saddle and handlebar grips) must be treated with bicycle oil or car wax, and we have to re-lubricate the chain.

Maintaining the precious wooden rims is very easy. GHISALLO uses special coatings from boat building for the painting. I maintain the wooden rims with “Homemade Furniture Polish”! This is olive oil with a splash of white wine vinegar. Have a look at the small glass in the Picture. It must be applied with a soft cloth. After an hour I wipe off the rest and the wooden rims are ready for the next race.

>By the way, I care for bamboo rims with turpentine.

After the cleaning of the bike it is time to take a shower and to prepare something to eat. In Seckenhausen you can visit, for example, an Italian cooking school! You can self determine what is cooked.

The following videos convey an impression of the MTB-Training in the Warwer sand.
The first is with original sound, the second is with background music.

Warwer Sand von Blueracer670Mehr Mountainbike-Videos

Overall, the Wooden MTB Rims are approved. I rode 1000 kilometers during the winter training period two years. After 400 kilometers I tightened the spokes of the wheels.
The bike, and also the wooden rims, may not be ideal for MTB-Races in difficult trails. But for Bestager-Cyclists, who want to ride offroad in a sporty way, it is very suitable!
Today, however, I would choose the version with carbon reinforcements.