Cerchio Ghisallo at Berliner FahrradSchau show

We are happy to announce our participation at Berliner Fahrradschau show that will be hold in Berlin, Germany from March 16th until March 22nd thanks to the team build by of  La Stazione delle Biciclette, Tiziano Zullo, Dario Pegoretti and others.

A message from the show Staff:

The Berlin Bicycle Week ad campaign previews today bearing the tagline “Cycling Unites”, and we would be very grateful if you would share this over your social media, including your stand number!

Cycling makes cities more liveable and above all: Cycling connects people! This applies to cyclists, but also lifestyles, cultures and religions.

In cycling, everyone is invited!

Therefore, the theme of the campaign is tolerance. On a tandem sitting together are Rabbi Daniel Alter and Imam Ferid Heider, both cyclists themselves and who work together promoting peace and understanding through their project meet2respect.

We believe this unusual motif should not be unusual. And to bring home the message, there will be a “Cycling Unites” Critical Mass tour at the end of the BERLIN BICYCLE WEEK, where 3 tandems, each with an Imam and a Rabbi, will ride together with hundreds of supporters to jointly set an example for tolerance, diversity, and the right for everyone to live (and ride ) in peace.

The campaign will start running next week across Berlin. The link to the Critical Mass: https://www.facebook.com/events/976789308999296/

image: Tino Pohlmann Fotografie / GREY Berlin

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Head of Communications