From France to Italy with Cerchio Ghisallo: Mr. Joblot, France, travel with Ghisallo wheels

We present review by Mr. Joblot, France, that has travelled for hundreds of kilometers with Ghisallo wooden rims wheels. Hundreds of khilometers to be added to what ridden before after one year and an half of wheels usage…

Best review for our products…one among a lot that confirms validity of an unique product.

“Petit souvenir de cet été

Encore 500 km entre la Saone et Loire (France) et Suza avec les jantes en bois bien sûr…Ensuite quelques promenades dans le Piémont (+ 2000 km par ici)

Très bonne tenue des roues !”

“A little souvenir from this pas Summer

Yet another 500 km across Saone et Loire Department with wooden rims of course…Then a few pedal strokes through Piedmont (+ of 2000 Km ridden in total since now)

A great performance of these whels !”


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