Beech or Bamboo wood


Laminated, Ghisallo patented technology


Waterproof painting


Available upon request (strongly suggested by Ghisallo Team) – Ultimate – Carbon fiber ring to allow inner tube pressure till 6/7 bars (87/101 psi)

Type R model – pneumatic/clincher rim – Technical Data

IMPORTANT: Ghisallo Team suggests Ultimate optional application to all pneumatic/clincher models. (Warranty terms for pneumatic/clincher rim without Ultimate don’t include warranty coverage in case of damages due directly/undirectly to inner tube pressure)


26” x 1 3/4 – 26” x 1 1/2 – 26” x 2 – 28” x 1 3/8 x 1 1/2 – 28” x 15/8 x 1 3/8


33,5 mm

Available colors

A Natural– B Honey – C Red – D Dark – E Vintage – F Red Passion (visible in below photo first line: A B C – second line: D E F)




Diameter 26”: 650 grams – Diameter 28”: 780 gramsi


Slovenian beech wood or Chinese bamboo wood prepared following Ghisallo specifications

Suggested Optional

Ultimate – Carbon fiber ring to allow inner tube pressure till 6/7 bars (87/101 psi)

Rims without Ultimate usage implies to maintain inner tube pressure below or equal to 4.5 bars (65.26 psi)

Warranty terms for this product purchased without Ultimate optional don’t include warranty coverage in case of damages caused by an inner tube inflating pressure differentform what indicated, wether applied or undirectly caused by external agents.

ERD (wheel lacing)


Nipples and washers

Nipples and washers for wheel lacing are always inlcuded in product packing, few additional pieces are added.

Nipple length: 22 mm

Nipple Gauge: 15G (2.0 mm)

Nipple material: brass nickel plated

Frequently Asked Questions

What is suggested usage / bicycle type for this rim model ?

Bicycles with rod brakes and without.

City bicycles and old bicycles restoration.

Are they available not painted ?

All our rims can be ordered also unpainted by email or phone order.

Nipples and washers

Rim or rims set box always includes all nipples and washers for wheel lacing .

Nipples and washers total number is always higher than purchased rims total spokes holes number.

Wheel lacing

Wooden rims lacing doesn’t require particular skills.

For tubular model it is suggested to apply a spoke tension lower than equivalent aluminium rim.

It is recommended to apply spoke tension and verify 12 hours after, at the end of the procedure your rims will be ready for several hundreds kilometers.

Is it possible to mount wooden rims with disc brakes ?

Absolutely yes and it is best solution to maintain their look as new for years.

However in case of this braking technology application we suggest following spokes hole snumber:

32 o 36 o 40

Water - Wet resitance

Product is resistant, waterproof, to water and common atmospheric agents exposure


It is suggested to clean rims coing back from your ride, more informations are available at following page:


It is recommended our repainting kit usage, kit is available at Ghisallo online shop.

Rider’s Weight

For cyclist weighing around or more than 100 kg. we suggest to mount front wheel with 32 or 36 holes spokes scheme and rear wheel with spoke sscheme of 36 or 40 holes.

Around 90 kg and beyond 100 kg it is not advisable to use rims wide less than 27 mm.

Pneumatic/clincher rims without carbon fiber ring, Ultimate, are not suggested for around 100 kg weight zone, it is suggested to apply Ultimate carbon fiber ring.

Custom colour

Though if it is not a standard rule we can try to meet customer’s needs modifying, only if possible, chosen colour.

Colours not belonging to coors choice available in our catalogue have to be considered custom products with estimated cost offer only upon request.

Custom Holes Scheme

Only upon request we can make a technical check of requested holes scheme and supply a verdict about possible application and manufacture.

This is not between our catalogue standard services and requires an estimated cost offer apart.

Shipping lead time from order date

For products already stocked in our inventory maximum lead time is of 7 working days, otherwise from 7 to 21 working days are requested depending on manufacturing operation complexity

Products compatible with Type R model pneumatic/clincher rim

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