Made of beech wood


Available in 25.4 or 31,9 stem attack diameter


Laminated beech wood – Waterproof and resistant to humidity

Straight model – only beech wood – Technical data

Suitable for single speed/fixie bicycle, easy riding or MTB on asphalted roads.

Stem attack diameter

25,4 mm or 31,9 mm

Diameter at the edge

25,4 mm


52 cm


163 grammi

Available colors

A Natural– B Honey – C Red – D Dark – E Vintage – F Red Passion (visible in below photo first line: A B C – second line: D E F)

Mahogany layers

Available upon customer request – 2 layers

Frequently Asked Questions


Product is suitable for an handlebar stem attack with a diameter of 25.4 or 31.9 mm

It is suggested to use/purchase carbon fiber protective shell for a better usage safety/mounting.

(this product is available in compatible products list below)

Stress resistance

It is suggested to use this product in urban environment, aspahlated roads.

It is absolutey discouraged usage with MTB on not asphalted roads and downhill paths.

Water resistance - humidity

Product is resistant, warterproof, to water and common atmospheric agents exposure.

Products compatible with Straight handlebar only beech wood


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