Beech wood


Laminated, Cerchio Ghisallo patented technology


Waterproof painting

Mudguards Sport model – Technical Data


for 26” – 28” rims


Length can be customized upon customer request however it will not be possible to modify its arc geometryas it is dependent from 26” or 28” diameter.

Mudguards can also be manufactured for small diameter rim, please contact us to enquire about its feasibility and estimated cost.


From 32 to 55 mm

Available colors

A Natural– B Honey – C Red – D Dark – E Vintage – F Red Passion (visible in below photo first line: A B C – second line: D E F)


For 28” diameter – Width: 45 mm – Front or Rear mudguard – Average weight: 320 grams


Slovenian beech wood

Mounting kit

Not inlcuded, please see this product description

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to modify mudguard edge design ?

We can manufacture mudguards with different edges design, customer must send detailed drawing  or photograph, this service is price included.

Is it possible to modify length and width ?

Mudguard length can be modificed upon customer’s request and it is price included however it will be not possible to modify arc shape that will always be directly dependant from available mudguard diameter, 26” or 28”.

Mudguard width can be modified in the interval between minium and maximum width as indicated in product description.

Custom mudguards may be manufacture only upon specific customer’s request, this will require a different cost to be estimated case by case.

Is it possible to order them not painted ?

All our mudguarda are available not painted requesting this feature by telephone or email.


Wooden mudguards lacing doesn’t require particular skills and only mounting kit, supplied by us as a different product or a compatible one purchased from third party, is requested to complete its mounting.

Water - Wet resistance

Product is waterproof, resistant to water and common atmospheric agents exposition.

However it is strongly suggested to avoid to expose product to water and wet continously for long periods, weeks or month.

It is advisable to store it in a dry and warm place after usage.

Custom colour

Though it is not a standard rule we can try to meet customer’s request modifying, only if possible, chosen colour tonality,

Colors out of offered ranges are to be considered custom products with a cost to be estimated only upon request.

Shipping lead time from order date

For products already stocked in our inventory maximum lead time is of 7  working days, otherwise from 7 to 21 working days are requested depending on manufacturing operation complexity.

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