Ghisallo Cork Pads road test

We publish new Ghisallo cork brake pads review by Mr. Roberto Lanfranchi who has tested them on “La Mitica” vintage race white roads.

“La Mitica has been my first ride with Cerchio Ghisallo rims and crok brake pads, before this occasion I haven’t ridden them, but I trusted reknown Ghisallo materials quality, immediately riding
a very long slope with inclines till 11%, after only 4/5 km I already got confidence.
Obviously braking action isn’t the same as with iron rims and plastic pads, with wooden rims and cork brake pads braking is softer, anyway trustworthy, rims on white roads have surprised me a lot, any roughness on the ground was absorbed.”

Mr. Lanfrachi rode a marvellous 1930 Cycles Sagitaire