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Ghisallo Wooden Rims

Giovanni Cermenati

Giovanni Cermenati, son of founder Antonio Cermenati.

Ghisallo Wooden Rims

Ghisallo Wooden Rims started in 1946 from the working partnership made by Antonio Cermenati with famous brand d'Alessandro that was based in Milan, during the war near Bellagio, producer of bicycle rims.
Since the beginning the production is dedicated only to wooden rims for tubolars and pneumatics at that time still used by great cycling champions like Fausto Coppi, Gino Bartali and Fiorenzo Magni who currently is still personal friend of Antonio's son Giovanni.

Thankfully to Giovani's will the production was never interrupted neither in front of difficulties caused by aluminium rim diffusion cheaper and easily manifacturable in big quantities.
During these years the brand continues selling both in Italy and foreign countries worldwide receiving awards for products quality and high mastership in handcrafting managing in some occasions to be used by famous brands like Momo Design.
Giovanni has now passed leadership to his son Antonio and in last past years a production and marketing evolution started both on national market than foreign ones.

From the early times wooden rims for tubolar and pneumatics the factory has arrived to produce other bicycle parts always made of wood as: handlebars, mudguards, chaincases, handlebar grips, pedals and both gentleman and lady frameworks entirely made of wood.

The application of carbon fiber thin layers in the handlebars permits the application of forces up to 2 tonnes making an unbreakable product.
The invention of application of a thin layer of carbon fiber to pneumatic rims tube bseat border has made possible to compete at the same level of more modern products, in fact now it is possible to apply high inner tube inflating pressure. Pneumatic rims suitable for mountain bikes and single speed.

These innovations and the fact that wooden rims are softer, giving higher braking performances than carbon fiber ones and furthermore being more elegant have opened the doors of this new century to this important family tradition unique worldwide.
Actually Ghisallo products are distributed all over the world receiving best reviews from cycling technician and passionates.
Ghisallo rim, elegant and with high performance for all bicycles types from vintage, racing and single speed ones.

Your passion drives our work,

Giovanni & Antonio Cermenati