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Welcome to Ghisallo Wooden Rims Shop

In this store it is possible to pay through:


1) Bank payment  bank wire transfer

When customer enters checkout procedure payment step bank payment option should be chosen.

Bank payment implies that bank wire trasnfer, made by customer, will include all bank operation costs.
In case of missing bank operation costs payment order will not be completed till this amount will have been received by Ghisallo Wooden Rims.

Bank wire transfer must be made covering all operations costs, please communicateto your bank operator to send instructions for: PAYMENT OUR (CODE: OUR) AND NOT PAYMENT SHARED (CODE: SHA)

It is suggested to send bank payment invoice by email in order to speed up order processing.

Partial payment amounts are not accepted and order will be considered completed once total due money amount will be received by Ghisallo Wooden Rims EShop.

Terms of bank payment:

(Customer must pay bank operation costs)
Bank parameters to be used to submit payment – Advanced SWIFT transfer without commissions, expenses and charges from bank IBAN number can be extracted from the 1st code line

Payment must be made to: Antonio Cermenati

IT81 C056 9651 0700 0002 0892 X89


Account owner name: Cermenati Antonio D.I.


Banca Popolare di Sondrio Agenzia 436

Via Verza 39

Canzo - Como


Payment codes:

Cab: 51070


ABI code: 5696


2)  PayPal payment

When customer enters checkout procedure payment step PayPal payment option should be chosen.

PayPal payment is immediately notificated to Ghisallo Wooden Rims and order will be immediately recorded and processed by our office.

PayPal payment refund is free and possible only 60 days within order date.

Important - VALID ONLY 60 DAYS AFTER ORDER DATE: In case of order cancellation or modification customer will be charged of PayPal commisions that are necessary to complete money refund, this amount is equal to 4.16% of order total cost.